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               Precision Displacement Bargraph

This instrument was designed to measure eight mechanical dimensions to the nearest 10 microinches and operate on them in real-time. The system includes a 32 bit embedded controller and four DSP's.

Eight channels of opto coupled 16 bit analog inputs are provided, as well as interchangeable signal conditioners, 12 bit analog outputs, opto coupled logic I/O, history memory, RS232 com or RS485 network, backlight enunciators, bargraphs, and digital displays.


This is a design example of an industrial bargraph with dual LVDT inputs and multiple limits.


The instrument is user programmable by using proprietary PC software that supports the customer's proprietary programming language. This program is compiled to intermediate code and downloaded to the 32 bit embedded controller. 


The controller then runs an interpreter on the intermediate code during live operation. Software was developed that allows the source code to be generated, compiled, and graphically simulated on the PC.


When the simulation behaves as desired, the code can be downloaded to the instrument and saved in EEPROM. A user and programming manual was provided for this instrument.