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                  Airship RGB LED Night Sign

The sign is clearly visible at a distance of more than 3/4 mile. A portion of the sign can operate in monochrome mode and is designed for daylight viewing at distances of up to 1/2 mile.

Designed for use on lighter-than-air ships, this RGB LED sign overcomes the challenges of weight, power, EMI/RFI interference, approvals, ease of use, and cost.


This is a design example of an RGB LED sign system designed for a family of airships.


It uses the latest color LED technology to achieve full animation or video files at up to 30 frames per second. Bright enough for afternoon viewing, the animations are played using proprietary software on a laptop PC. The animations can be mixed text and graphics and are created in a standard format by off the shelf PC based animator programs. Digitized video clips can also be played.


Automated test fixtures were also developed that allow the LED pixels to be tested during production and for maintenance purposes. The test fixtures use a PC to control the device under test and measure various circuit parameters to insure proper operation.


Proprietary software was developed to operate the LED sign and run the test fixtures.