HMIReady features a bright highly visible display and snap-dome keyboard.

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                     Intelligent User Interface

This intelligent user interface was designed to meet demanding industrial requirements, while remaining proprietay.

In addition to being a human interface, it could also measure and control the parameters by interfacing with local sensors, whether it's temperature, position, or pressure.


IDC developed an intelligent user interface for a client. The product included these features:


The housing is manufactured from thermoplastic, features a gasketed lid, is UL and CSA listed and has a NEMA type 6P rating. It is made for indoor or outdoor use, and provides protection against dirt, hose-directed water, ice formation, and even submersion.


The device is powered by industry standard 24VdcÖ. satisfying world wide standards for safe, low voltage machine controls.


The bright, light blue VFD display features high visibility from a distance, adjustable brightness, multiple fonts (including double high and wide), inverse video, field flashing, and graphics. Itís designed to operate over an extended temperature range.


The keyboard features raised button areas with tactile snap domes below. This ensures that your operator will know when a button has been pressed. The keyboard functions are self-explanatory and the displays menu-driven.