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                      Cost Effective Controls

IDC developed these controls on a proprietary basis for the end customer. 

The controls are equipped with an optocoupled RS-485 network for sending machine data to a central computer.  IDC also supplies the PC networking software that collects machine information and makes it available to an end user's information system.


IDC developed this line of cost effective controls for a leading supplier of screw machine controls, clutches, brakes, and other accessories.


The controls feature an easy to use setup program that allows the end user to quickly setup a multi-spindle screw machine for manufacturing of various parts.  A complete user interface is part of each control, allowing the operator to set up all manufacturing parameters and then monitor the process during operation.


When coupled with an output module it provides enough I/O to run the machine plus 8 auxiliary outputs.  The output module is DIN rail mounted while the CPU is faceplate mounted.