Click here to read about a controller we developd.Click here to read more about a precision displacement bargraph project.
Engineering Services
Design Examples

Industrial machine controls

Cost Effective Controls

Incubator temperature & humidity

Locked shaft alarm DIN module

Glucose measurement

Control unit for medical gases

Hospital air bed therapy

Operating room patient warmer

Precision displacement bargraph

Avionics instrumentation

Industrial bargraph with limits

Intelligent User Interface

Process optimizer

Airship RGB LED night sign

Military applications

DSP in-circuit emulator

Test fixtures

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                          Design Examples

Our engineering services insure that your design will have professional performance and appearance.

Click here to read about an RGB LED sign we developed for the blimp.Click here to read about a medical gas distribution control we developed and provide for the customer.

We can act as your "on call" engineering department, supplying advice, schematics, source code and prototypes, or as a one-stop shop to buy your proprietary low volume products assembled, tested and ready to ship.


Independent Digital Consulting, Inc. has developed many products for our clients.


This page lists a few of our favorites from industrial controls to medical equipment, avionics, and lighter-than-air LED signs. Check out those that might interest you.


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss an upcoming project, don't hesitate to Email us for more information.


To learn more about IDC, go to the About Us page.