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                  Avionics Instrumentation

This series of non-mission critical avionic instruments were built to order for use on lighter than air airships.

Application assistance, manuals, and spare parts were provided for all of these instruments.


This are design examples of specialized avionics instrumentation that was designed and built for use in airships.


 A vector angle indicator was developed to display the angle of the port and starboard engines relative to the body, as well as the average engine angle relative to earth.


Port and starboard volt/amp indicators were developed that display ten various AC and DC voltages and currents used on the ship. One of five volt/amp pairs can be selected for display by a remote selector switch.


A fuel limit indicator was developed to monitor high/low fuel levels in three tanks on the airship. It then controlled the flow of fuel between the tanks, automatically transferring fuel from the reserve tank to the active tanks. The high/low setpoints are user adjustable.