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                          Military Applications

This triple switching power supply paned was developed for use in foreign navy submarines. The system includes three separate isolated switching power supplies with noise filtering, cable terminations, and door mounted waterproof operator controls.

Shown in the photo above with the door open, the system supplies low voltages at high current to impulse loads. Power is derived form the on board high voltage battery bus. The unit was built into an enclosure that sheds water.


These are design examples of military and aerospace projects.




Submarine Bar Graph

An industrial bargraph instrument was adapted for use by the U.S Navy. The instrument is used extensively in the control panels in a new submarine. IDC provided design support and verification to the client that helped to insure success.


Submarine Impulse Power Supplies

Triple impulse power supply panels were developed. See the information panel to the right.


Submarine Audio Mixing Panel

An audio mixing panel for voice communications was developed for use in foreign navy submarines. The system mixed multiple channels of audio from external sources, each with individual level controls. The inputs are all transformer isolated, mixed, and filtered. The single circuit board includes a 10 watt audio amplifier and power supply. The unit was designed into a sealed enclosure, with a six inch waterproof speaker. 

Shuttle Experiment

A proprietary temperature control with displays and logic I/O was developed to operate an experiment that flew on the Space Shuttle.