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                                                       Locked Shaft Alarm DIN Module

IDC designed  this unit for the customer, and provides it to them as a completed product.

The use of this self-contained DIN module helps to keep production on-line by minimizing expensive down-time.

This din rail mounted alarm module monitors the shaft rotation of an industrial machine and notifies down stream equipment of failure.


This is a design example of an industrial device that monitors the main rotating shaft in a piece of manufacturing machinery.


It generates an alarm when the main shaft locks up. It also shuts the machine down, reducing the high cost of down-time and easing the hassle and expense of repairing broken tooling. The reaction time is settable, allowing it to be installed on and protect a wide variety of equipment.


A tri-color LED is used to inform the factory maintenance personnel about the status of the machine and the source of a failure.