The system was re-designed onto a smt board in preparation for volume assembly.
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                        Glucose Measurement

IDC first designed the units as hand-held through-hole prototypes that would permit procedure and algorithm  testing.

The first-pass prototypes

Ten of these prototypes were built for the client. They were used to demonstrate the process and do initial testing on patients. The units were later redesigned using SMT techniques.


This is a design example of a prototype medical device, developed to monitor blood glucose levels using optical technology.

This meter uses optical sensors to measure changes in the blood without the need for a blood sample. The design takes advantage of the latest in surface mount technology.


Features include a keypad input and an easy to read LCD display.  The meter outputs optically-gathered data onto the display and also out an RS-232 communication port for use with standard PC spreadsheet and database programs. These were then used to refine the algorithm.