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Engineering Services
Hardware & system design
Embedded & PC software design
Circuit board design & layout
Board assembly

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                       Engineering Services

Designs typically include schematics, board layouts, bills of material and software. We will provide you with the technical assistance you need to complete your project.

Click here to read about our pc board assembly service.Click here to read about our pc board design service

We can act as your "on call" engineering department, supplying advice, schematics, source code and prototypes, or as a one-stop shop to buy your proprietary low volume products assembled, tested and ready to ship.


Independent Digital Consulting provides cost effective contract engineering services for industry.


If you have an embedded design project that you would like to get on the fast track to market, we can help!  Embedded Systems are at the heart of what IDC does and we work hard to get your product developed as cost effectively as possible.


IDC has years of experience supplying customers with hardware, software, and system solutions. Our design services can support your project from concept through production.  These services include hardware design, software design, CAD, prototyping, purchasing, and assembly.


And since you own the design, you are in complete control of the product.