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                       DSP In-Circuit Emulator

The emulator pod plugs into the PLCC or PGA socket on the target board where the host DSP processor would normally reside.

The emulator includes a platform board and 5 volt power supply that functions as a minimal target, and can be used to prototype portions of the final design. The platform board allows the emulator to be run right out of the box.


This is a design example of a piece of lab development equipment.


An in circuit emulator for a family of 16 bit Digital Signal Processors was developed for a client. The emulator is completely non intrusive and uses none of the target's resources to perform the emulation chores.  All 68 test points are provided on the pod for access to all of the signals on the host socket.


The emulator pod software and host PC software are included, and allow such features as: single step, trace, fill, modify, view, edit, download, and breakpoints with pass counters. Program memory can be viewed through a disassembler that used the target system's symbol table. Data memory can be viewed or edited with or without symbols, in decimal or hexadecimal.