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                          Process Optimizer

The stand alone system is built into a rugged stainless steel housing and is designed for use on the plant floor near the process being optimized.

In addition, several off line tests can be run to evaluate material samples and test production machinery.

Software revisions and upgrades can be downloaded from a PC into the unit through the communications connector.


This is a design example of an industrial process optimizer with color touch screen and graphical printout.


This process optimization system was developed using an embedded PC. It is used to sample, display, and record measurements for the purpose of optimizing a specific manufacturing process. 


A color LCD VGA display with a graphic touch screen is used for the operator interface, providing menu driven operation. The display can show comparative history graphs or live data as it is being taken. Graphic plots of these screens can be sent to a color inkjet printer.


The unit has 33 thermocouple inputs, two opto coupled logic inputs for remote control, a process alarm horn, and includes real time data logging. A proprietary I/O signal conditioner board with 35 thermocouple signal conditioners and opto coupled logic I/O was developed for this system.